values and opinions related to life, family, work, religion, politics and society. EVS website: Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. One of its 


Statistics Explained is an official Eurostat website presenting statistical topics in an easily understandable way. Together, the articles make up an encyclopedia of European statistics for everyone, completed by a statistical glossary clarifying all terms used and by numerous links to further information and the latest data and metadata, a portal for occasional and regular users.

2018-12-05 Gov. (exp.) Gross capital formation & acq. less disp. of non-financial non-prod. assets in Recreation, culture & religion (as % of tot. exp.) Eurostat: Hungary Spends The Highest GDP Proportion On Culture, Recreation And Religion In The EU Tamás Székely 2017.08.08. Hungary spends the most on recreation, culture and religion as a percentage of its GDP in the European Union with 2.1% of government expenditures going towards this area compared with the EU average of 1%, a report released by Eurostat shows. Help.

Eurostat religion

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Religions and Language Families in Europe. [[MORE]]by midnightrambulador “Europe: Pick Your Master Race Religion and language have  Uppgifterna rapporteras till Eurostat en gång om året i månadsskiftet Hälso- och sjukvård; Fritidsverksamhet, kultur och religion; Utbildning; Socialt skydd. Eurostat provides free of charge access to all its databases and electronic ProQuest Religion covers formal theological studies and commentary on topics of  11 800 DK: €47 100 SE: €42 800. • Ekonomisk profil. • · esktop/index.html. • Historia, religion, kultur  I nästa steg kopplar Eurostat de bildade klustren till ländernas kommuner för att kunna följa återkommande statistik för området. Kommunerna  av J BERGLUND · 2017 · Citerat av 3 — in Germany and 108 percent in Sweden (Eurostat news release 44/2016, 32 Berglund, Jenny (2013): »Swedish religion education – Objective but.

General government expenditure in the EU on recreation, culture and religion amounted to EUR 162 billion or 1.2 % of GDP in 2019. Total general government expenditure on recreation, culture and religion, 2019 (% of GDP) - Source: Eurostat (gov_10a_exp)

Marriage and divorce. Mortality.

Eurostat religion

Austria's Religious Landscape. Legal basis - Personal rights. Freedom of religion is a statutorily guaranteed right in Austria, the legal foundation – starting with 

Eurostat religion

förbjuder diskriminering på grund av religion. Det sekulära knappt 33 procent bland kvinnor, enligt Eurostat och Turkiets statistiska institut. religion eller annan status, i alla aspekter av arbete, även vid anställning, på då Eurostat publicerade sin befolkningsprognos 2008 (Eurostat, 2008), där det.

Eurostat religion

Compared with recent long-lasting recessionary episodes, such as the 2008-09 global financial crisis or the 2011-12 euro area sovereign debt crisis, the recession accompanying the pandemic was more acute in the early phases. Roughly three-quarters of Europeans are Christians (75%), almost one-in-five do not identify with any religion (18%), and about 6% are Muslims. Hindus  ComExt is prepared by Eurostat from data provided by the statistical agencies of and social values; social exclusion, national, ethnic and religious allegiances;   The NUTS 2 regions, which were proposed by Government and agreed to by Eurostat in 1999, are groupings of the Regional Authorities. More. Attributes  values and opinions related to life, family, work, religion, politics and society. EVS website: Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union.
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Eurostat religion

the labour market and working life, ideology and religion are examples of a  religion, occupation, registered address and individual photograph image are in accordance with Eurostat's Statistical classification of economic activities in  av D Alsancak — Eurostat är ett EU-direktorat som sammanställer och redovisar statistik inom skilda muslimska medlemmar och att det är värt att nämna Turkiets religion på  ”Varför lever vi?” är första frågan i ett prov i religion- och livsåskådning. Jag sitter Källa: eurostat, världsbanken, länder i fickformat litauen. Juozas Gulbinskis är  Eurostat 2001, OECD Jobs Study 1996, Statistikcentralens nationellt ursprung, nationalitet, språk, religion, övertygelse, åsikt, hälsotillstånd, handikapp,. religious teachers, are thereby excluded from the application of the Directive? of the Commission's decision of 1 October 2003 reorganising Eurostat, in so  The harmonised European time use surveys, HETUS builds on Eurostat this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and.

Eurostat has raised a number of concerns about Irish Water which include the Government’s considerable control of the utility company. In its assessment of Irish Water, the EU statistics agency Eurostat established a task force to develop a manual on the application of COFOG to national account expenditure data and to discuss the collection of second-level COFOG data for European countries. R&D recreation, culture and religion. 2009-12-08 Eurostat, Demographic Indicators?
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Help. Login. You are currently visualizing a Data Explorer bookmark. Please note that Data Explorer will be decommissioned and replaced by the new Data Browser in the coming months. In case you have Data Explorer bookmarks, Eurostat invites you to recreate these bookmarks in the new Data Browser as explained in detail in the Online Help .

35,7 Females 33,2 38,0 37,5 35,2 34,9 Divorced and widowed 2) 5,5 7,2 14,6 15,7 15,8 Males 3,0 3,2 9,7 11,4 11,6 Females 7,9 11,2 19,3 19,9 19,9 Religion,  The joint Eurostat‑OECD Task Force started its work in June 2012. Park, gymnastics site, recreation site, religion site, historic site, mineral spring site. 11 Mar 2021 Eurostat collects data on general government expenditure by economic function according to the international Classification of the Functions of  In: Eurostat/UNECE Work Session on Demographic Projections, 28-30 April 2010 Differentials in childbearing patterns by religion and degree of religiosity are  und FreizeitTheologie und Religion und FreizeitTheologie und Religion These findings were supple-mented by publications and data from Eurostat and  Results 1 - 10 of 236 by the European Commission (Eurostat) was held on 5–9 March. Statistical survey on nationality, native language and religion carried  cultural/religious/linguistic traditions.

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The data from Eurostat and the World Value Survey shows that Sweden is one of the countries with the highest levels of trust globally. This visualization from the SOM institute – an independent survey research organisation at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden –, shows that interpersonal trust in Sweden is not only high, but also very stable across time.

They compare and contrast a map of religious groups in Europe to a political map of Europe and identify areas in Europe where they might expect conflict over religion. In the Eurostat Eurobarometer Poll of 2005, 67% of the population of Croatia responded that "they believe there is a God". In a 2009 Gallup poll, 70% answered yes to the question "Is religion an important part of your daily life?". However, only 24% of the population attends religious services regularly. Religion-related codes are proposed in the Cultural heritagecontext: a system of beliefsmakes the cultural identity. Eurostat.

ethnic origin, religion or philosophy of life, disability and social background. Eurostat provides EU-wide statistics on disability and social integration.

Login. You are currently visualizing a Data Explorer bookmark. Please note that Data Explorer will be decommissioned and replaced by the new Data Browser in the coming months.

söndag 16 augusti, 2020 kl. 00:05. Två av tre dödsfall bland personer under 75 år orsakades av  affärskultur, politik, religion och språk i sina tidigare hemländer och kan Värdena för EU15 och EU27 är uppskattade av Eurostat. År 2007. minoriteternas språk men också kultur, tradition och religion. Enligt den svenska de utbildning, vilket EU menar att Eurostat bör engageras i.